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Hotel Safes StarSafe


StarSafe Hotel Safe
The 5 Star In-Room Hotel Safe

Our most recent and professional addition to our product line, the StarSafe, comes equipped with a universal power socket, and two USB sockets on the door, to allow for easy charging of portable devices without any delays. Guests will appreciate the interior light, the back-lit ADA keypad and the clear blue display, making life just a little easier. This model also features the exclusive online emergency opening system Emergency Reset Code, and the professional online rental management software

Caja Fuerte de Hotel StarSafe

Specifications StarSafe Hotel Safe

  • Motorized electronic hotel safe with universal power socket and two USB sockets for charging phones, laptops etc.
  • Illuminated LED display to visualize the guests' code.
  • Illuminated ADA keypad with sound to improve user interface.
  • Low consuming interior LED light.
  • Audit Trail showing last 100 safe openings and closings.
  • Motorized locking function by pressing a key.
  • Solid double cylinder bolts, 20mm chromed, rotating anti-drill.
  • Reinforced frame anti-lever break-in.
  • Steel thickness, 5mm on door and 2mm body
  • Mechanical emergency override opening as standard.
  • Flash RAM memory (no data is lost even if batteries run out).
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Personalized 4 digit guest user code.
  • Elegant standard black colour finish (others upon request).
  • Quality interior carpet covered surface.
  • Exclusive online rental management software
  • Quality standard certified ISO 9001, RoHS and CE.
  • Online ERC: Emergency Reset Code - exclusive online emergency openings management available from computer as well as mobile.
  • Optional: Electronic handheld unit.
Technical Specifications STARSAFE Laptop STARSAFE Office
Standard dimensions (Height x Width x Depth, mm) 200 x 435 x 370 530 x 350 x 450
Interior dimensions (Height x Width x Depth, mm) 196 x 431 x 310 520 x 340 x 430
Interior Volume (litres) 26.2 76
Audit Trail showing last 100 openings and 100 closings Yes Yes
Interior LED light Yes Yes
Online ERC Emergency Reset Code Yes Yes
RentYourSafe Software Yes Yes
Size for a 15in Laptop Yes Yes
Standard colours (others available by pre-order) Black Black / beige
Emergency mechanical key Yes Yes
Reinforced frame anti-lever break-in. Yes Yes
Batteries (included) 4xLR6-AA 4xLR6-AA
Net weight (kg) 14 45
Spring loaded door Yes Yes
Door thickness 5mm 10mm
Double locking bolts diameter 20mm 20mm
Electronic handheld device with user PINs Optional Optional
Interior universal socket + 2 USB sockets Yes No
Certifications ISO9001, RoHS, CE ISO9001, RoHS, CE

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