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¿Do I need Wi-Fi installed in the hotel?
No. You only need an Internet connection at the Reception desk.

I do not want Internet in my Reception. My staff will waste time surfing the web.
It is very simple to restrict access to only specific websites. Hence you can limit access so that the only web visible is

The traditional system with the magnetic rental stick, isn't that simpler?
The rental stick has various drawbacks. The Receptionist must fill out rental slips to register each rental which is a slow and tedious process. You need to charge a deposit for the stick, which may or may not be returned. If the rental stick is not returned, the guest can use the safe during his next visit. It is also a poor solution as it is not possible to control 100% the rentals. Especially for large hotels, the traditional system is a real headache. solves all these problems in a professional and elegant way.

What are the differences between and a software installed in a PC?
The professional image presented to the guest is very important. RentYourSafe provides tickets in any language completely personalized with the logo of the hotel, something other systems do not have. Also, a great benefit of using is the flexibility and having information in real time from anywhere. You can add functions easily and updates are immediate. The hotel does not need to worry about compatibility issues and updates.

What happens if the Internet connection fails?
Nowadays, the Internet connection is extremely reliable. Should there be temporary problems, rentals can be generated from any smartphone.

This system is problably very expensive right?
Taking into account the major improvement of the routines at Reception and Administration, apart from improving the image perceived by the guest, the savings from pre-printed rental slips, instruction leaflets and unaccounted for rentals, RentYourSafe pays for itself.

Tailor-made tickets? What for?
They say an image is worth more than a 1000 words. professionalizes this service with tickets with the logo of the hotel, with instructions in the guest's own language. You can even include ads!

Is reliable?
Over 300 hotels in Spain and Portugal are using our system. We have a team specialized in the development and maintenance of the system. We have outsourced the hosting to the leading hosting company in Spain.

How does the system communicate with the electronic safe?
Via a activation rental code. It is a ciphered code, that the guest inputs in his safe, activating the safe for the rented period.

What happens if the guest loses his rental ticket before activating the safe?
Not a problem, you can generate copies of the rental tickets

What happens if there is an early check-out? Can you generate a refund?
Yes, the system can generate refunds for the remaining part of unused rentals.

What happens if the guest wants to change room?
You can generate a transfer ticket without a charge without any problems.

Can you generate different prices and long-stay discounts?
No problem. Any prices or discounts can be set without limitations.

Can I obtain a subtotal of the rentals by hour or minutes?
Yes, the system is made to be able to check the cashflow at any time to help the control at Reception.

Can the activation code for one safe be used in other rooms?
No, the activation code only works for the room in question.

Can communicate with the hotels PMS (Property Management System)?
We have developed this as requested by various important hotel chains. can easily be set up, via Web Services, to communicate with your PMS.

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